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Platform Issues

Sales Tax Redistribution:

the reallocation of county sales tax revenue that occurred over a 4 year period has had a detrimental effect on local municipalities, while the County has touted a 0% property tax increase over the past 13 years. I will restore the sales tax revenue formula to its original percentages for certain municipalities and partially restoration to others.

Municipalities that have paid Police or Fire Departments (City of Elmira, Village of Horseheads, Village of Elmira Heights and the Town of Elmira) will be restored to their original allocation immediately, sales tax reallocation for all other municipalities will be restored by 50% over a (4) year period.

One of the original cornerstones upon which county government was created was to establish law and order, Chemung County needs to adopt a policy whereupon local municipalities can effectively provide and or maintain these crucial services.

Term Limits:

I will immediately go to work to establish a local law to set term limits for the Office of County Executive and the Chemung County Legislature. Term limits promote fresh ideas by newly elected officials as well as encourage qualified candidates to run for office as it would be more affordable. Term limits would allow the opportunity for many of the talented individuals right here in Chemung County to run for office.
Chemung County Executive limited to (2) consecutive 4 year terms
Chemung County Legislature limited to (3) consecutive 4 year terms

Ethics Reform:

The current lack of transparency in County government is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, closed door meetings by a few, on topics that effect many, must end. I’ll initiate a policy whereby all meetings will be web-cast live and will remain available for viewing on the County’s web-site.

I'll comprise a Bi-Partisan committee to be charged with reviewing and making recommendations for updates to the County’s ethics policy. The committee will have the authority to independently investigate all complaints involving unethical behavior and conflicts of interest involving all county employees including elected and appointed officials. Unlike the current committee this body will be comprised of (5) independent appointee's with no direct or indirect affiliation to with county government. We need to add a permanent level of transparency to county government that doesn't currently exist.